Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tooling Around JTown

It was a complete nightmare driving in Jerusalem yesterday but I did it, I drove during the day and into town and around the neighborhood. It was absolutely amazing, refreshing and so free! Pidgeon, of course, was with me as we were running his errands all day, but it was just incredible. It helps that pidgeon has a nice car too, and slowly but surely I'm getting used to driving a French car. Personally, I would trade in his care for a Toyota, but he loves it so we're not there yet. Since it's still just the two of us, we decided to keep his car for a while longer.

Our 4:30 a.m. wake up call yesterday was jarring and I wasn't as pleasant as usual in the morning so I bit the pidgeon's head off a bit while trying to get dressed. The drive to Ben Gurion was very nice, the roads were empty and we practically flew there. It was all worth it when we saw his brother's face; he was exhausted and just seemed so happy to see us that I felt good we went to get him. We dropped him off at home and then came back to the apartment to catch up on some more sleep.

Since pidgeon was ill, I had to help him get ready for his class assignment today and drove him around the neighborhood. He was starting to feel better in the afternoon, but with all the terrible traffic because of Chanukah, we ended up not getting back to the apartment to change before his Grandparent's Chanukah party. I was a bit embarressed that I showed up wearing my dirty jeans and a Better Than Ezra sweatshirt but no one really said anything. Of course, the mini sufganiot beckoned to me and I avoided eating one by smoking outside. I'm a social smoker and an uncomfortable social situations smoker, so I ended up sneaking outside with his Aunt and Uncles and bumming a cigarette. It relaxed me a bit, especially since I'm so new to the family that being around them still makes me a little uncomfortable. We didn't pig out at the party, so we got back to the apartment and ate some of the pea soup I made in the morning. I have such a great recipe from Alton Brown over at the The Food Network for Curried Split Pea soup that I've made it numerous times this "winter" and it's delicious. If you're looking for a good, easy and fast split pea soup, this is the way to go!

We lit candles, ate some soup and then just relaxed. We were so tired from the early morning that we fell into bed as soon as CSI: New York was over. 

Today, pidgeon stayed home cause of his bad cold and so he's going to spend the day in bed with my laptop watching episodes of Heroes while I make some more soup. We're on the we have no money diet which means we're eating more soup. I have a whole bunch of broccoli in the fridge, so I'm going to make it into a soup. The good thing about soup is that it fills us up and is cheap and affordable to make.

Tune back tomorrow, I plan on posting about marriage and my new theory on how to survive your first year with HIS relatives.

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