Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Under Construction

No worries - the site isn't under construction - just our apartment. Tomorrow morning, the AC/Heating unit guy will be coming to P"G finally fix our unit! I'm so excited, even though the place will be a huge mess, because this should at least provide us much needed AC during the extreme heat of an Israel summer. I just hope they don't make too much of a mess, cause I'm not ready for a heavy duty cleaning on top of a Pesach cleaning!

This afternoon, one of Pidgeon's best friends hosted the bris for his new son. The bris was at the Park Plaza hotel in Jerusalem, and we got all decked out and headed over right on time. When we got to the hotel, we were faced with a line of cars all trying to get into non existent parking spaces. Pidgeon drove up to the front of the hotel and left me off before he went looking for a parking space. I waited for him outside and listened as angry bris-goers yelled at the hotel security for lack of parking spaces. One woman looked like she was going to have a throw-down with them because she drove all the way from Tel Aviv and didn't want to be late for the main event. Fortunately, Pidgeon found a spot not that far from the hotel, and we made it in time for the cutting. I can't stand when the baby cries at a bris, it really just gets to me. Pidgeon is like me, so we opted to stand in the back and let the other guests watch when the cutting took place. After the bris part, I waited in line to speak with the Grandfather of the baby, who had held him during the bris. I know there is a Jewish, technical term for what role that is during the bris, but having no children and never actively planning a bris, I'm not sure what it as. Anyway, he was giving out Brachot to people, so I decided to wait in line and get one too. Since Pidgeon and I started to date, I've met his numerous times when we went to visit his friends Chanan and Naama. He is a lovely little Yemenite man with the more pleasant of dispositions and this aura of spirituality. I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass by and, when I reminded him of who I was, he was very happy to see me at the bris. The bracha was extremely thoughtful, very powerful and almost made me cry. Pidgeon opted out of the bracha process - it's really just not his thing - but sometimes I think these types of opportunities shouldn't be passed by. Hey - you never know - right?

So, I used to blog under a different name, and sometimes I go back to the old blog to see if people are leaving me any comments. Today, I discovered a comment from a woman who was absolutely offended that I bad mouthed an extremely popular hair stylist from Tel Aviv. She accused me of having "difficult hair" and that is the reason why I got the worst haircut of my entire life. I deleted the comment as it really had no relevance, and because I don't post comments from anonymous writers. Had she left her name, I would have been more than happy to get in touch and explain the story. So folks, if you're reading my blog, drop me a comment once in a while! I'd love to hear what y'all think!

Meanwhile, Pidgeon and I had the best treat today! We went to Aldo and had milkshakes. I've been craving a milkshake now for 2 weeks and we called around and found out that Aldo makes 21 shekel milkshakes. Pidgeon was still meaty from the bris and I was just dairy so I decided to go for it and get myself an Oreo milkshake with skim milk. Pidgeon had an interesting concoction with soy milk. It was bliss people. I highly recommend that, if you need a milkshake in Jerusalem, go to Aldo on Emek Refaim and enjoy!

Well, I'm off to finish working on a press release for one of my clients! Till next time!

Erev Tom from Baka!

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