Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day

It's the Mets season opener today down in Florida, and I'm just excited about another sports season in the States beginning. Truth be told, it just brings us that much closer to the start of Football season, with pre-season games starting in August. I love Football! It's a shame that I'm not into Israeli sports as much as I'm into American sports, but it's a good thing. Poor Pidgeon would be completely ignored otherwise, and as it is I spend way too much time in front of my TV.

Speaking of TV, pop culture is kind of my thing. In fact, I actually make money off of pop culture in the States. Since I've moved to Israel, I've been trying to integrate myself in this society's pop culture. It hasn't been easy, but little by little I'm making headway.

Meet Tamar Ziskind, Miss Israel 2008. I stayed up to watch Miss Israel last week and it was the absolutely weirdest experience! I'll admit, I love September in New York when Miss America is on TV. I sit there with my own pad and pen and give marks depending on category. I'm really bad at the swimsuit competition but I am a harsh judge when it comes down to talent and the question/answer period.

Miss Israel has almost none of those typical pagent elements. It has the swimsuit portion, and the ladies parade around in evening gowns, but that's about it. They don't ask them any questions, they don't speak, they have no talent I can think of beyond being attractive.

So, that makes me wonder just what sort of criteria goes into being Miss Israel. As I ponder that question, I have to relate something interesting that happened during the telecast. They announced the Top 10 and, lo and behold, Ms. Ziskind was NOT one of the Top 10! Hmmm, curious, no?

Suddenly, the MC says to the audience that they made a mistake and that Ms. Ziskind is really one of the Top 10. She joins the other 10 women in the row. And then, the MC dismissed one of the previous women as she wasn't supposed to be in the Top 10.

Wow, if I was that girl, I would SUE the Miss Israel organization on the grounds of emotional distress. Thousands of people watched as she was added to the Top 10, only to be demoted as an error. Never, in my entire life of watching beauty pagents, have I seen such a thing. They should have waited until after the break and just made the quick switch instead of embarressing this poor girl. She, however, handled it like a complete Professional and just smiled and waved.

Good for her!

I was not surprised when Ms. Ziskind won the whole lot at the end of the competition. Something smells rotten in the City of Haifa people, and I'm waiting for the expose to break on Channel 22 news.

Well, that's all for now for today as I'm running late for a Dr.'s appointment. Wishing everyone a WONDERFUL day!

Yom Tov from Baka!

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