Thursday, March 6, 2008

Its What's For Dinner

We are entertaining this Shabbos and as my chicken's roast, I decided to take a quick break. Yesterday, Pidgeon and I went food shopping so I can cook for the weekend. Well, I have no idea how this happened, but we spent over 1,000 shekel! I was shocked when I saw the check out screen and was just so surprised that we overspent. I didn't think switching my Aloe Vera brand of toilet paper for the SuperSol brand would have made a difference, but apparently I was really wrong.

So, when we got back to our apartment, I looked through my menu and realized the reason the bill was so high. We bought a ridiculous amount of meat and poultry. I'm making a grilled steak salad, so we picked up 2 steaks (frozen). I'm making a macaroni and meat for Shabbos lunch so I had to buy a kilo of ground beef (also frozen) and then I'm making sweet and sour meatballs for Friday night so I had to buy 2 addition kilos of ground beef. Add to that chicken and shnitzel to feed 6 adults and 3 children, and some of the other ingredients needed for the weekend, and you've got a heavy bill. I have no idea how we're going to pay for all this food, but I really believe that when it comes to spending on food for Shabbos, G-d somehow makes sure we have enough to spend. At least, that's what I'm hoping.

Pidgeon is in the middle of his last exam and I'm halfway through my food cooking. I already made the cauliflower and corn kugels, the asian 5-spice chicken and the cinnamon chicken is in the oven, and I'm just waiting a bit more for my beef to defrost so I can get started on both the macaroni and meat and the meatballs. Our cleaning lady is on her way too, so I'm hoping to finish up in the kitchen so she can get in there and do a thorough cleaning. I really want to go to the gym with Pidgeon tonight, so I'm hoping to get enough done today so I don't have to spend the entire day tomorrow in the kitchen. 

Meanwhile, we're gearing up for the Sharaf/Heatwave that's expected to his this Country over the weekend. The news is reporting temperatures on Shabbos to be around 25C, which is approximately really freaking hot for March in Farenheit. And, of course, we have no air conditioning because it's part of the heating unit that has been busted for 7 weeks now. Well, we called our weekend company and gave them an out if they didn't want to come for the weekend. But, since they don't have AC in their apartment all year round, were more than happy to still come for Shabbos. That was nice to hear, how I'm going to deal with the heat will be a completely different story :)

I've been focusing on Pesach and I keep sending my Mom lists of food and provision she needs to stock up on before we come back to the States. The more I think about it, the more excited I am about the trip! I can't wait to see my family and friends, and I'm really looking forward to just being back in my parents house. 

Meanwhile, we have a wonderful cleaning woman who does such an incredible job. She is the most thorough cleaner I've ever had, and I've gone through 3 cleaning people since I moved to Israel. But, here is the problem, she wears my slip on New Balance sneakers when she cleans. When she first asked me if she could wear them, I said yes, because I was surprised by the request and because I thought she was wearing socks. But, then I noticed the other day that she takes off her socks. Which basically means that she sweats inside my sneakers and it really drives me crazy. At this point, I want to just give her the sneakers because I don't plan on wearing them every again. I think I'm going to buy myself another pair when I'm in the States and will give her these sneakers as a gift. This way, I don't have to share. I should have just said no to begin with but I have problems saying no to people. I need to work on that.

Well, I'm off to make the sweet and sour meatballs. 

Yom Tov from Jerusalem!

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