Thursday, March 6, 2008

Attack - Live Blog

We got  home a few minutes ago from a lovely evening at the gym and Pidgeon turned on the TV to see the latest news. Two terrorists entered Mercaz HaRav, a Yeshiva at the entrance to the City of Jerusalem, and we watch as they tally up the dead. Right now, there are at least 8 fatalities in and around the Yeshiva. Some students managed to make their way to the Miklat (sealed room) to avoid the terrorists, others were not as lucky. There are more than 36 injured at this point and the ambulances are idling as they wait for what the Journalists are reporting will be more fatalities and not injuries. 

Apparently, they managed to kill one of the terrorists but reports are sketchy as to what's the status with the second terrorist. It seems to me that the second terrorist is at large in the Jerusalem area. 

Parents are lining up around the Yeshiva in droves, some we see are anxiously trying to get their child on the cell phone. The situation right now is that we don't know what the age group of the fatalities are as there are two Yeshivot back to back. There is a Yeshiva for Hezder students - those who learn and do army - and then there is the High School. We're talking about boys ranging in age from 13 - 35. 

We are appalled and upset and angry by the situation. We have been discussing how terrible it is that it's Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet and there will be at least 8 sets of parents sitting Shiva when they should be the most joyous this year. 

The police and Army are still trying to clear each and every room of the Yeshiva. They don't know what is worse - finding the second terrorist - or discovering more bodies. 

We watch and wait, and daven for those who lost their lives and the families who love them.

Will update more as more news becomes available. Obviously, I'm glues to the TV set and cooking for Shabbos has been completely abandoned.

This is the scariest thing I've encountered since moving to Israel and we fear that this is g-d forbid, just the beginning. 

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