Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yeshiva Student - Survivor Report

A Yeshiva student is on TV right now and telling how he was in the Bais Medrish on top of the Library when he heard the shots. He grabbed his rifle and climbed onto the roof of the Bais Medrish and looked down into the library, where he saw the gunman. He waited until he could get a better shot at the gunman, but he disappeared.

The gunman was using a Kalishnikov automatic rifle. The Yeshiva student blamed Peres and Olmert for providing these guns to the terrorists.

He said "Kol Hakovod" for providing terrorists with the weapons they just used to murder innocent Yeshiva students learning. 

The library was filled with Hesder students, Yeshiva students from other Yeshivot and other frum students learning and studying.

More to come

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