Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bulldozer Rampage in Jerusalem

Another terror attack today in Jerusalem. We're in shock that it was a bulldozer. These vehicles are ubiquitous in Jerusalem! There's at least one on every block, you drive next to them in the streets and on the highway. And today, a bulldozer driver, decided to kill Israelis with the vehicle he was using to build the Jerusalem monorail.


He smashed cars and upturned buses! BUSES people! Actual buses were flipped like pancakes. We were at a bris when the carnage began and heard about it as we left and raced to our 1:00 p.m. Dr.'s appointment. In the short drive from Hechal Shlomo (we were at a lovely bris) to the Medical Center, we passed by 3 bulldozers. I wasn't thrilled to see so many, especially in light of this news.
This put Pidgeon in a really somber mood, and I was pretty down too. When we finished with the Dr., we raced home and turned on the TV to watch the footage. To say I will have nightmares is putting it mildly. The media kept replaying, over and over, the "neutralization" of the terrorist. The first time I saw the footage, I wasn't expecting to be able to see so clearly how the soldiers and police officers killed the terrorist. I actually flinched when it happened. I got numbed to it later on, after I saw it for the 100th time. There was no love lost though when I heard the reports about the dead.

Two of the women murdered were members of Pidgeon's parents shul. One of the women was a friend of Pidgeon's parents. Horrible. We were unable to go to the funeral because it was at 10:30 p.m. and I have to do my shot at 11:00 p.m. I wish we could have gone though, I felt it's important for us to pay our respects even though I personally never met her. We'll try to P"G pay a shiva visit.

And, as usual when terrorist attacks happen in Israel, I stayed glued to whatever media source I could find for additional information. A number of news stations showed a member of Magen David Adom who's in Pidgeon's family. We saw him take charge of the baby that was pulled out of the wreckage of a vehicle, alive B"H, although her Mother didn't make it. Awful.

My parents tracked us down at the Dr. when they heard the reports. Good thing they had Pidgeon's cell phone as my was on vibrate from the bris and I didn't hear it in my cavernous bag. Fortunately, Gaby was able to allay their fears and I promised to call them when I got home. I spent a lot of time fielding other calls and SMSes from loves ones who were concerned. I really appreciated that so many people - both in Tel Aviv and the States - tracked us down to make sure we were okay. B"H, we are both physically okay. Mentally,well, that's another story.

Here's hoping for a much better day tomorrow, with only news of Smachot.

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