Friday, January 11, 2008


It would be cliche for me to include a picture of El Presidente George Bush in my blog, so I decided to go with one of my favorite New York City images from the 30's. Let me assure you folks, the construction workers in this country don't look or act like these men here. 

So, Bush messed a lot of things up in this City this week, but it was all manageable. Pidgeon was able to find a back way into school by driving down Derech Chevron and well, me, I stayed in the house. Almost 24/7. For 3 days. It was nice. I was in PJ's all Wednesday, in solidarity towards the President who came and mucked up this entire City. Well, he did pledge MidEast Peace by the end of his term, so who am I to sulk? Let's see what really happens, shall we?

It's another Friday and the sun is shinning and I've got a full day of cooking ahead of me. I decided not to do any yesterday, since we ran a lot of errands and I was too tired to start anything by the time I got home. I need to give women everywhere - who are in charge of running a household - a lot of credit. It's tremendous work just doing one load of laundry, going food and other errand shopping, and then having to make breakfast/lunch and dinner! I'm constantly cooking in the kitchen, which I don't mind, just never found myself doing much of when I was single. I was the girl who bought one of those Lean Cuisine/Weight Watchers meals and popped it into the microwave and just chowed down. Simple. Now, I'm grilled steak burgers, sauteing onions and making a fresh garden salad for dinner. No wonder I'm too tired to get cooking for Shabbos.

Since Bush is in town, our work was called off for the week because the workers couldn't get around the City. Everything is scheduled to start in earnest this coming Sunday, which means it probably won't be done before Pidgeon's surgery next week. He's going in to have a growth removed and then tested. We're hopeful it's nothing, but the procedure itself shouldn't painful although the aftermath will be. I'm hunkering down for becoming Florence Nightengale Wifie during the next week. Hopefully, our workers will be done with the bedrooms and bathroom so Pidgeon can get some much needed rest.

We're going to dinner tonight at Pidgeon's folks house and I'm looking forward to it. It's nice not having to cook another meal and just focus on Shabbos lunch. Although, the weather forecast is calling for 2 degree Celcius tonight, and that's just a number I'm not excited about. Fortunately, I think I know where my winter coat is, but am not 100% sure. I hope there's no mold on that one too - cause I'll be super pissed if there is!

Pidgeon and I found another place to shop yesterday and we're thinking of making it our go-to- food place from now on. We've been using the Rami Levi by the Rav Chen mall and the prices are decent, but not so overly cheap that it's necessarily worth the hassle. But, we went across the street to this other shopping center and found a SuperDeal inside whose prices are really comprable. Plus, it's very, very clean and that is so important for me! I need a place that's clean because it lends confidence that the food I'm buying is good quality. Call me crazy, but I like to shop in nice places. Now, we just need to shave 100 shekel off of our bi-weekly food trips and we should be all set. I think we're just going to have to employ some portion control so that our food will last much longer.

Meanwhile, we've both been starving lately because we're used to eating 3 meals out with the family. I spoke to Mom last night and she's in the same predicament, it was like Rosh Hashana for 3 weeks only we never had that cleansing fast. I'm hoping it will resolve itself soon because it's no fun waking up with a growling stomach.

Saturday night we have a bar mitzvah all the way out in Raanana. I, of course, have absolutely nothing to wear so I know it will not be fun around here as soon as Shabbos is out. Plus, the trek to and from is going to be very exhausting. We're having a busy day on Sunday as it's the 60th anniversary of The Lamed Hey and Pidgeon's Great Uncle was unfortunately a member. We'll be going to an Azkarah at Har Herzl and a couple of other events for the family members. It will be a busy and emotinal day, but they did a tremendous service for this Country that we can all be grateful for.

Well - I'm off to finish cooking for Shabbos and get the rest of my day going. Wishing everyone a wonderful and warm Shabbos in Jerusalem!

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