Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mold and Ire

I am a very unhappy person today and it's because our apartment is overrun by mold. As I mentioned in yesterday's update, we discovered a lot of mold growing in our Mamad. So, we hired our contractor to build us two walls of sheetrock to ward off the outside moisture and better insulate the room. We are hoping this will solve the problem. Now, I knew that today I had my work cut out for me, but the extra surprise that waited for me behind the closet was extremely unexpected. 

We have one very large wall-to-wall sized closet in the mold room and it's made of wood. Last week we checked behind the closet and saw some mold on the wall, so we knew that it needed to be fixed. The contractor told me that I had to remove everything from the closet for him to do the necessary work. I spent all day yesterday moving us out of the spare bedroom and back into the master bedroom so I could prepare for today's day of labor. I had asked pidgeon to help me last night, but somehow that never happened, and so when he left for school at 6:30 a.m. this morning I realized I had to do this tremendous task alone.

I started in pidgeon's closet first and moved all his hanging clothing to a stand in our bedroom. Next, I took all of my hanging shirts and moved in to the second stand in our bedroom. And that's when I discovered that the mold invaded the closet - and my wardrobe.

I now have three piles of clothing on my floor - covered in mold - and in the following categories: I hope to G-d the cleaners can salvage this, It's gonna take a miracle and Who the hell am I kidding? This is going straight to the trash. My Steve Madden black fabric flip flops are gone - covered in mold - and straight into the bin.  I know that the Lord hates me because only my clothing was ruined - pidgeon's is practically pristine. 

After my discovery - and subsequent shit fit/crying jag - I called the contractor and he came over to help me. Fortunately, he brought a worker who cleaned all of the mold from the room. Unfortunately, he can't clean my clothing or all of our travel luggage which is covered in green mold.

The apartment now stinks of mold and bleach, and I'm trying to keep everything ventilated and dry. Of course, today is perhaps the rainiest day all year and it's absolutely freezing to boot. I don't have the heat on, I'm afraid the heat will lead to more mold and I just can't have any of that anymore.

Meanwhile, my resentment towards pidgeon's family is growing day by day. I'm still upset with his sister over a Chanukah incident and now she's insisting that tonight - of ALL nights - we both come over to her apartment so she can give us the wedding gift she bought us. My friend said I need to grow up and just go over there because it's her right to want to give us the present together. I am not interested in seeing her right now - she waited 6 months to buy as a gift - she can wait a few days. This apartment is full of mold and I'm miserable, to have no choice but to cater to her whim is absolutely preposterous.

Well, I just learnt that with Bush coming to town, my contractor can't work for a few days. It looks like this place will be a mess for at least another week. Anyone out there want to invite us for Shabbos? 

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