Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Alert!

Israel's meteorologists are on overdrive these days, forecasting a 2-day snow storm that is expected here in Jerusalem. The inclement weather, according to the Jerusalem Post is expected to begin already this evening with the weather plunging below freezing. And then, tomorrow evening, that's when the snow is supposed to begin and they're predicting it won't end until Thursday night. 

Well, that sounds like a lotta snow and we still have no heat. It's getting a bit cold in here and I don't know if my sneezing fits are because of the workmen's dust or an actual cold. Here's hoping it's the former and not the latter. Regardless, I'm actually missing my first day of school tomorrow to wait for the Electra repairman to come and fix the unit. If they don't come, I honestly don't know what to do with myself. We can't live in this apartment without heat if the snow is falling all around us. We'll just figure something else out then, we'll have no choice.

Pidgeon is all gung ho about the snow and he dug out his ski pants and ski gloves yesterday. We found his wool black hat and draped them over the chair in the living room. I took out my fleece Rangers sweatshirt, from my days working with the hockey team, and a brown Gap puffy vest that will give me plenty of range of motion to throw snowballs on my husband. I'm hoping we'll be able to find some sort of snowball fight in Jerusalem if there's enough of the gorgeous snow to actual pack and toss snowballs. I'm kicking myself for leaving my snow boots back in the States and already plan to pack them up the next time we're visiting the folks. These snow storms are rare occurances but they DO happen. It's great to know that, hopefully, one day our kids will experience snow. If not, we'll just have to pack them off to Switzerland for some skiing in the Winter. 

Do you remember Freezy Freaky's? I had a pair I absolutely LOVED and when it was still warm, would sometimes put the gloves in my folks freezer just so I can see them turn. I mentioned these fantastic childhood fashion items to Pidgeon and he had no idea what I was talking about. Poor guy, he missed out on Freezy Freaky's growing up in Israel! 

The contractor came back today to "finish the work" and then he disappeared. Bastard. I'm really losing my patience with him and I honestly just want all this work to be over and done with. I haven't had clean nails in over a month and I blame it on the work! Honestly, ever time I go to clean my nails, they just get dirty 15 minutes later. I miss being in a clean environment and it really bothers me when people come into the house and track boot prints of dirty all over my floors. If you ever plan to visit me folks, make sure you check your shoes at the door when the weather is gross outside. I don't need to follow you around the house with a smartoot to clean up after your mess. And don't think I won't either! Just ask my little sister, I once chased her around my Upper West Side apartment with a coaster (hey, all my furniture was wood!)

My neurotic tendencies aside, Pidgeon and I went to see Juno on Saturday night based on a friends recommendation and the movie was terrific! I really liked the music, always been a big fan of Belle & Sebastian and so I bought the soundtrack off of iTunes and then burnt a CD of the music for Pidgeon's car. I think he'll be happy with the surprise CD, and hopefully I'll get a chance to listen to the music the next time we take a ride together.

Yesterday was a pretty busy day as I spent almost 6 hours putting the clothing back into the closet. It was exhausting work but Pidgeon really helped me out, which was nice. My back was starting to really hurt by the 4th hour but I still had ALL of clothing to do, so I couldn't rest. I was pleased to see the floor in my room and the bed in Pidgeon's study emptying out. Slowly, the apartment is starting to look normal and I'm starting to feel a bit better.

I was settling under 2 layers of heavy blankets to watch a bad TV movie when my sister called to tell me that they bought a webcam. Well, we wanted to try to see if it could work, and I waited for Pidgeon to come home to try it out. It worked and it was so great! I haven't seen my niece and nephew since August, and they have changed so much in 6 months.  They're both 1 and 3, so my 1 year old nephew wasn't really interested in the faces on the screen. He was just so happy shoveling fists full of spaghetti into his mouth. My niece, on the other hand, was enthralled and slightly confused. She was happy when we read her a book and when we jumped together with her. And then, right when we started to sing them Happy Birthday, my nephew grabbed the pulka off of her plate and she we all started cracking up. It was 20 minutes of bliss together with the kids. Here's hoping modern technology will enable me to video chat with all my friends and family in the States.

Well, I'm off to kick some contractor butt now that he's back to do some more work. Will keep you all posted on the snow and I hope to send some pictures of the wonderous weather within 48 hours!

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