Monday, February 4, 2008

A Giant Season

I know I haven't updated the blog lately, and for that my sincerest apologies. I have an upper respiratory infection that is bordering on walking pneumonia. I started feeling lousy during the first snowstorm - Wednesday morning - and am only now feeling a little bit better. It's because I'm already taking the Z-pack and so I actually am feeling like I can breathe again. I have some great snow photos from our Thursday walk (Pidgeon insisted that I needed to be aired out and it was nice to go for a walk) and I'll try to upload those later.

I'm always depressed the morning after the Super Bowl. I can't explain it that well, but I just absolutely adore football season. I wait until August for pre-season games, and scouring the newspapers in June when football camps open for the latest news, and then try to spend my Sunday's watching the games. When I lived in the States, I watched football every single Sunday. I would run and do all of my errands in the morning - hit the gym, go to the supermarket, pay my bills - so I had all afternoon to just watch football uninterrupted. Since I moved to Israel, though, watching football on Sundays is really difficult. Sometimes, I catch the games on Monday when ESPN replays them. But, for the most part, I spend my time watching any highlights on NFL. Since I'm sick with fever, my Super Bowl 42 plans were shelved for some much needed sleep. But, I spent all morning watching both the Highlights of the NY Giant win over the New England Patriots, and the I watched the commercials. 

Here's my take:

I absolutely adored the Coke commercial with the Thanksgiving parade balloons fighting over the Coke bottle balloon. Not just because I love Family Guy, but because I found the commercial smart and funny. In the beverage wars, Coke beat Pepsi in the commercials. Hands down. 

There were a lot of vitamin water, energy drink commercial during this year's Super Bowl. I found this ad, with the man who used jumper cables attached to his nipples to start a car, hysterical. It was actually the only commercial that got me to laugh out loud. I don't know what Amp is, or even if it's kosher, but the commercial was great. 

The only reason I'm writing about the Diet Pepsi Max commercial is because it was so bad. It was 10 years too late in terms of both song, Don't Hurt Me and actors. Do you even remember the guys name from Saturday Night Live? Dear Pepsi Max executives. That skit from Saturday Night Live isn't vintage yet - give us until Super Bowl 80 before you whip it out! It was just sad. And don't get me started on the Justin Timberlake Pepsi commercial. That one was about as dumb as the Carmen Electra Ice Breakers commercial. 

The dot com's have taken over for the food ads in the Super Bowl, and we were subjected to commercials from Cars, CareerBuilders, GoDaddy and E*Trade. Where were the Subway, McDonald's and Pizza Hut commercials? I was shocked with the absence of food commercials. It seemed like only Taco Bell made an effort this year, while beverages and beer once again dominated amongst the usual car commercials. That being said, my favorite commercial was the E*Trade baby with the clown. It was cute and smart, just how I like my commercials.

Honorable Mentions
Victoria's Secret, Budweiser and Bridgestone Tires for three commercials. I loved the Victoria's Secret commercial with Adriana Lima and the football, with the reminder to men that Valentine's Day is next week. The other Bud commercial I loved was Hank, the horse training for acceptance into the horse pack. It was Rockyesque and adorable. Well done. And, the Bridgestone tires commercials were also adorable. Anyone who wants to try to mow down Richard Simmons is alright in my book. 

Movies I want to see based on the Super Bowl commercials includes Jumper, Wanted and Leatherheads. The other movies just didn't do it for me. 

Pidgeon just came home from school and told me about the Piguah (terrorist attack) in Demona. We're watching the news now and it's not good. Basically, we're afraid this is going to continue throughout the Country as Gaza residents are going into Egypt and then Gaza terrorists are crossing the border into Israel from Egypt (a peaceful border). One person was killed at the shopping center in Demona, which is in the South of Israel, and many more injured. To say we're upset is an understatement. People in this Country have been saying that the era of suicide and homicide bombers are long over. I think they're wrong, we've just been more successful at containment. But now they've found another way into Israel. And I truly hope we nip this in the bud before more Israeli's are murdered. This is a scary situation for Israel. 

I'm off to watch the news to see what Israeli is going to do in retaliation for today's attack. Meanwhile, I'm going to upload some photos from our snow days last week. Let's hope for a calmer week, especially when I have to go to school tomorrow.

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