Monday, February 18, 2008

Hot Magic

Pidgeon had a very big day today. This morning, the Hot cable company technicians came and brought us Hot Magic. This is Israel's version of Tivo and boy is my husband a happy, happy man! He has been playing with his new toy all morning, setting the recorder to capture all of his favorite shows. Finally, we no longer have to deal with his antiquated taping! I'm thrilled and it was definitely worth the money. The two technicians also hooked up our bedroom TV, so now we have a remote control in there that works and I'm looking forward to TV in bed. It's one of my favorite past times, watching an episode of Friends before I got to sleep, so I'm looking forward to that.

We also decided to go to the States for Pesach, as opposed to waiting for this summer. I'm so, so happy with that decision! My Mom seemed really happy too, and now all I have to do is start on organizing what I'm going to need to buy when I'm home. I'm running out of provisions in terms of hair products, so I need to get moving on that. But, what I'm looking forward to most is hanging with the family and seeing my friends! We're also only keeping one Seder, so that will be interesting for my family as Pidgeon and I will disappear downstairs to the TV room while they're upstairs going through the Hagadah. I'm hoping the weather will also be really nice, so we can get out and walk all over the City. I can't wait to be back in Manhattan!

Yesterday, we decided to go to the gym for the very first time since I became a member. We got up early, got dressed, ate a healthy breakfast, waited 30 minutes and then drove to the gym. Only to discover that the gym was closed until 4:00 p.m.! Well, since we were up and out, I decided we should be productive and we went to Har Nof to get some Purim stuff. We're doing a frugal Shaloch Manot this year, which means that the burberry bags will not include anything more than a cake (I'm baking) and maybe some chocolate. Simple yet elegant. Hopefully :) I never thought I'd do Purim on a budget but you've got to cut corners sometimes.

So, we got back to the gym at 4:00 and I went into the ladies locker room to get ready and somehow, I just got lost in there. It was like this maze of green and white and I kept walking into the pool when what I really wanted was the bathroom door to the gym! Well, I finally figured it out and was thrilled to see Pidgeon waiting for me. We had a great, short, workout and then came home and just collapsed. I made a quicky dinner and then we both sat down and did some work. Pidgeon has a big test on Thursday that he's studying for, and I'm trying to do some writing for work and for school.

Tomorrow has already been declared a snow day for me, as the forecast is calling for stormy weather starting already tonight. It's surprising since yesterday and today has been such beautiful days. I'm looking forward to cuddling on the couch with a big, warm blanket and a glass of tea! I'm also saving cooking a big vat of split pea soup for tomorrow too. Fortunately, Pidgeon loves it and I like to have soup on snow days. 

Meanwhile, my friends are on their way from New York and I'm so excited to see them! I already spoke to my friend Ilana yesterday, who arrived before the group, and she promised that they will make an effort to see us. I'm really looking forward to seeing some familiar and friendly faces! Can't wait!

Well, I'm off to finish doing my typical Monday load of laundry. Here's hoping we get some significant snowfall this time!

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