Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

We celebrate Valentine's Day in our house, especially since it's also the 1 year anniversary of our engagement.  I still can't believe its been an entire year, sometimes I feel like it happened just yesterday. Where does time go in life? Our engagement was very romantic and extremely unexpected. Pidgeon tries so hard to surprised me and last year, he certainly succeeded. It was the New York Valentine's Day Noreaster of 2007 and Pidgeon and I were stuck at my folks in Queens, and the day I had planned in the City was never going to happen. With roads closing and the snow piling up, I had to cancel our dinner reservation at Le Marais and forget the movie we were going to see. My Valentine's Day plans completely in ruins, I had to go with the flow, and laced up my Timberland boots, buttoned up my jacket, pulled on a baseball cap and trudged through the snow to wake up my love. 

I cam bearing gifts and presented Pidgeon with a bag full of great presents and tons of cards. He smiled through each gift and then he pulled out the ring and proposed. It was such a happy moment. I can still remember what he was wearing,  how he looked so nervous, and the flowers in the vase by his bed gave off the sweetest scent. In the background, the snow fell softly and the room was cast in the white sheen of a snowy day. It was perfect. And then, we spent the afternoon between calls to family and friends, shoveling the snow. 

When my parents came back from work, I was just so excited to see them and to celebrate with them. My Mom walked into the kitchen, and I asked her if she wanted to see my engagement ring. She took off her glasses and then looked at my father and said: what does this remind you of?. My Dad smiled and responded, your Mother.  That was so touching for me to experience, to recreate a moment my own parents had years ago. It made me sad that my own Grandmother wasn't around to experience the joy of our engagement. Afterwards, we had a nice dinner as a family and just talked about wedding plans and logistics.

This morning, I woke up next to my husband and felt this incredible joy. I'm just so happy that we're together. Each and every day with him is amazing, even when we fight. He surprised me again today by sending me flowers - orange tulips, which are my absolute favorites. They are gorgeous, and I set them up in a beautiful vase on the dining room table. Tonight, we're going out to a nice dinner to celebrate. I'm really looking forward to it!

I can't even tell you how many Valentine's Day's I had as a lonely single gal in Manhattan. There were a couple of years when I was dating someone, and one year my buddy Lou sent me flowers at work and I sent him a Bonsai plant, because we decided to be each other's Valentine. But in general, the day would be spent working for me. Since I have clients in the dating industry, I spent a lot of time talking to couples and dealing with people who want to get engaged on Valentine's Day, etc. I always felt just a twinge of jealousy during those moments, and genuine happiness for the people who had love on Valentine's Day. When I was in my bitter/angry single girl modes, I would hit the gym and then have a pint of chocolate Ben and Jerry's for dessert. Other years, I met my girlfriends for movie night at the theatre. I have some good and some bad Valentine's Day memories. But since Pidgeon came along, those memories have faded in my mind and been replaced by happiness.

OK - moving on from Valentine's Day.

So, Hot Extra now has the Ellen DeGeneres Show and that makes me so happy! Today, they aired her 50th birthday episode, which was fun but I had already seen the highlights on YouTube. That being said, it's good to be able to catch up on my American talk shows. We get Dr. Phil here too, but he's really boring, so I don't watch him much. 

Meanwhile, my cleaning lady is here and she is doing the most incredible job. The problem is that she is sooo slow! She's been here since 12:00 and has even gotten to the living room/dining room/kitchen area. I told her that she has to leave at 4:00 and she was shocked that she has to leave so soon, I think she expected to work here for a few more hours. That being said, I can't afford to pay her to work here for more than that! She charges 40 shekel an  hour, and at 4 hours that's 160 shekel! I can't afford that each week. I was hoping she could work for 3 hours each week, since we're pretty much clean people in general. All I really need her to do sometimes is just wash my floors. Well, we'll see how the next hour and a half shapes up. Also, when she came to the house today, she asked if she could wear my slip on New Balance sneakers. I thought she was going to wear them with socks, so I told her she could. Just now, I saw that she's wearing them barefoot and I'm really not happy about that at all! I really don't share shoes in general, and certainly not with someone whose going barefoot. Oh well, I guess there goes my slip on New Balance's. I think there going to now have to be her sneakers. That's very disappointing! 

Well, I'm off to do some homework and some reading. Hope everyone has a LOVELY day!

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