Friday, May 2, 2008

It Must Be In The Water

I'm wiped from another exhausting day but I had to update quickly before tucking myself into my bed with the remote and the new episode of Grey's Anatomy. So, we've been spending a lot of time on Long Island during this trip, and yesterday and today were no exception. We walked up and down Central Avenue, going into shops and meeting friends and just enjoying the beautiful weather. What I did notice is that seemingly everyone is pregnant in the 5 Towns. 

I kid you not.

Everywhere I turned, there went another pregnant woman. And boy was she glamorous. With her no-less-than-3-carat diamond engagement ring sparkling, and a $5,000+  sheitel coiffed to perfection, clad in the latest designer maternity wear and of course sporting Tory Birch flats, women in different stages of labor walked past us. And there I was, with my 10+ Pesach weight bringing up the(my) rear and wearing my New Balance sneakers, a shmata on my head and the same pair of yoga pants I've been living in all week. When they say pregnant women glow, they must have been talking about the ladies of Central Avenue. It must be nice to spend every day, sipping non-caffinated beverages and eating spinach salads (for the iron, of course) at Central Perk, while catching up on gossip with your preggo gal-pal whose full-time job is also Mommyhood. 

So, for all the ladies out there who want to be pregnant, go out to the 5 Towns. It must be in the water. Who knows, you might come back pregnant and wearing the latest in Bellyssima fashion. Just don't forget the Spanx :)

The countdown to our return has begun, I'm absolutely miserable about leaving. More to come.

Erev Tov from the Shtetl in Queens. 

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Michael said...

Sounds like my wife's work, where half her office is pregnant, on maternity leave, or just back from leave.

The other half is male.

And they say the Jewish people have a demographic problem...